We’re committed to providing you with a clean, safe, and secure storage space for your personal items from boxes to autos.


If you need some advise as to the size of rental space needed, please give us a call and we will help with your selection.

We offer a family owned self-storage unit within your neighborhood.  Close and Convenient,

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Personal Solutions

Moving, staging, new toys, office files, we offer storage space for all your needs.

What We Offer

Storage Tips

Oracle Self Storage

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Business Solutions

We offer a varaity of units from 5 x 10 to 10 x 30 feet.  All units have roll up doors.  We also offer a few interior rooms for more privacy.

Household items:

Books - Pack books flat, not standing on end.  Books are very heavy so pack them in smaller boxes.


Mattresses - Place mattresses in plastic covers to protect from dust and humidity.

Leather - Treat leather items such as couches and clothing with a leather conditioner prior to storing.  Keep furniture feet off floor by placing on pallets.

Power Equipment - Drain all gasoline and oil from small engines.  This will protect your equipment and the storage facility.

Furniture and Tables - Cover with blankets to protect from scratches and dust.

Photos - Photographs tend to curl over time.  Place them flat between pieces of cardboard and tape them together.  Do not store irreplaceable photos, cd's or dvd's

Organizing Your Storage Unit:
Use wooden pallets or boards underneath furniture and boxes.  This will help prevent condensation from damaging them.

Leave small air spaces between your stored items and the wall of the storage unit for ventilation.

Store items that will not be needed to the rear of the storage unit.  Items that you will need access to toward the front of the unit.  Store heavy items on the bottom and lightweight on top.

Store more valuable items to the back of the unit and large items to the front.

Breakable items should be stored in bubble wrap and can be stored with linens.  Do not store liquids over winter for they can freeze.

Cover everything in plastic  sheeting. Wood furniture should be covered first with blankets to prevent moisture build up and abrasion.

Do Not Store These Items:
Flammables gasoline, perishable items, anything living, items that produce odors, explosives, used tires, furs, jewelry, drug paraphernalia, stolen items, any type of hazardous items, hazardous waste items and any irreplaceable items.